3 New Workouts I Tried This Winter

I feel like I’m already going stir crazy this winter and it’s only February… So even though I can’t be out and about (because it was casually -50 last week) I’m trying to mix things up workout-wise. I’ve been testing out some new-to-me things and wanted to share, in case you’re as tired of running on a treadmill as I am.

Flyght in Madison

I’ve been waiting for Flyght to open in downtown Madison for several months now and I’m so excited to have another workout studio so close to my apartment! It’s the sister studio to my yoga studio, Dragonfly, that I’ve been going to for over 2 years now and absolutely love so I knew it would be a great experience.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m a spin convert yet. I find the bike seats to be distractingly painful – I wasn’t even sore after my first class because I wasn’t able to really go for it. But if you know you’re a spin fan, I definitely recommend the studio. It’s super clean, the staff was really helpful, and it’s easy to get to if you live downtown.

I bought an intro month and want to keep giving spin a chance – I hear the butt pain gets better as your form develops. I’ll keep you posted!

Solidcore at Hilldale

Another new-to-me class was Solidcore, which I originally heard about from my fave Chicago blogger, Lake Shore Lady. It’s essentially reformer pilates, but more intense. The workout itself is made up of a lot small, concentrated movements using varying amounts of tension from the reformer machine. If you’ve taken a floor pilates or a barre class, it’s the same sort of vibe but with more resistance.

Solidcore was definitely an amazing workout – I was sore for literally 3 days afterwards – but it wasn’t my favorite workout experience. A big reason I work out is to help manage my anxiety and I find that classes that emphasize slow/small movements don’t really help in that regard, which is why I gravitate towards more high impact, cardio classes. If you love barre (which I also dislike) or want to complement your cardio with toning, I def recommend giving Solidcore a try.

One note, I found it to be very hard on my lower back at times, so definitely ask an instructor before your class (or during!) for help. Form is really important in this class and nothing is worth injuring yourself for so be sure to check in, if you have this issue too!


That last workout I’m sharing is one that I’ve talked about on stories quite a bit lately – circuit workouts! Every winter around this time I get bored of running on the treadmill and want to mix things up at the gym, but I’m never quite sure what to do. Luckily, I spend a million hours a day on Instagram and started to see people post circuit workouts – thus my Workouts collection on IG was born!

Circuit workouts are basically just groups of movements you repeat several times – they can focus on a certain area of the body, be full-body, some are on the treadmill, while others use weights on the floor. It all depends what you want to do! I prefer the treadmill ones because I’m a runner at heart, but it’s been fun to mix things up with arm circuits and some intense full-body ones. I especially love the circuit posts that include videos so I can see exactly what I’m supposed to do – no awkward gym googling required.

My favorite IG account to follow for circuits workouts is @rozannapurcell, an Irish fitness and food blogger who I discovered when I was living in Dublin. She’s since become a certified personal trainer and is my go-to when I don’t know what to do at the gym. A couple other bloggers I’ve stolen circuits from are @lizadams and @alialistone – their workouts typically live on their IG stories or highlights so look there!

What workouts have you guys been up to? I really want to try Boxing next and see if I can find some fun dance classes to go to here in Madison – any recommendations for either would be awesome!

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