5 Social Media Hacks to Help You Manage Your Instagram

I took a poll on my Instagram the other day and the overwhelming majority of you wanted to hear more about my life as a social media manager – so here’s your glimpse into what it’s like to spend 6 hours on Instagram a day! Social media can sometimes feel like a lot of busy work so I love any tricks that make my life easier and my work more efficient. Today, I’m sharing 5 small things that have helped me in my day-to-day life on social media…

  • Use emojis on Desktop. For the longest time I didn’t think I could access emojis on my desktop, which made writing captions impossible on anything that wasn’t an iPhone or iPad. BUT then I discovered the short cut CONTROL + COMMAND + SPACE. This make all your emojis pop up (plus you get a search bar which is a lifesaver for things like flags).
  • Download IG Carousels. Sometimes when I’m pulling User Generated Content (UGC) to feature on a client’s account, I love an image but it’s in a carousel. I can’t use my typical back-end method of getting a JPEG (which I’ll do a step-by-step of soon!), so instead I use the handy website: InstaSave.io. Does it look shady and spammy? Yes. Does it work? You bet.
  • Download IG Stories. Similar to #2, but specific to IG Stories. I typically use this when I’m tracking how influencers are featuring my client’s products or I want to use an IG Story on my client’s Story at a later date (since you can only repost Stories within 24 hours). I use the website: StoriesIG.com. Again, it looks weird but it works!
  • Create a shortcut for your most-used hashtags. If you use a hashtag or cluster of hashtags all the time (say your brand uses hashtags in the comments or on every post), it can get cumbersome to type them out every time. To make a shortcut (on iPhones), go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Tap the + in the top right corner. Then just add whatever your long phrase is and give it a shortcut. Then anytime you write the shortcut, your whole phrase will show. Time saved!
  • AirDrop is your BFF. This one might be common knowledge, but I was late to the AirDrop party and OMG was it life changing. If you don’t have AirDrop enabled go do that immediately. On iPhone go to Settings > General > AirDrop and set it to Everyone. On Mac open a new Finder window, choose AirDrop from the left-hand list and change “Allow me to be discovered by” to Everyone. I use this ALL the time to move photos around at work and on my blog. I’m sure you’re all doing this already, but for the one person who resisted like I did, DO IT!

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