5 Fun Things I’ve Done This Spring

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been dealing with some mental health stuff lately (I’m gonna share more a little while), so instead of dwelling on how awful all that shit’s been I wanted to share some fun, wonderful things that I’ve been up to. I was listening to a podcast recently and on it songwriter, Emily Warren, was talking about sometimes when you’re depressed you want to write the song that fits the mood you aspire to be in instead of the one you’re in. That’s basically this post.

I’m definitely feeling a lot better now, but things were rough for a few weeks there. I’m just so grateful to have such a wonderful IRL and internet support system and feel very lucky that I’ve been able to get back on track mental health wise so quickly (for now). So anyway, here are some great things I did in March and April that I wanted to share…

Seeing Jenny Lewis at The Sylvee

Back in March, I finally got to go to Madison’s newest concert venue, The Sylvee, for a show. I’d actually never heard of Jenny Lewis (even though I liked Rilo Kiley in high school), so I went in blind and wow was she so good. She has one of those voices that just makes you stop in your tracks. She has such a goofy and irreverent stage presence and it was so nice to go out on a school night with friends and just have fun. It was great.

My Birthday!

Maybe should have led with this, but my birthday was in March! I actually had a party for the first time in like 15 years and it was totally fun (and worth the stress of planning lol). My brother came into town, we did snorkels at Chasers, I was excellently hungover, all was right in the world.

Did a Workshop with the Midwest Munchers

Madison’s favorite foodie couple, the Midwest Munchers, did a fun and delicious Instagram workshop at Revel back in March. I always love going to these kinds of events even if I know a lot of the tips & tricks because everyone who goes is so freaking eager to learn and to talk about social and just want to figure it out. I always meet the coolest and most interesting people launching there own projects in Wisconsin and it rules.

Visited Kelly in Iowa

Definitely the best thing I did so far this Spring is go visit my amazing friend Kelly in Davenport, Iowa. We’ve known each other for ages and just always have the best time together. I can talk to her about anything and she is just so energetic, fun, and kind. We got brunch, drove around in the beautiful 70 degree weather running errands, ate burgers her awesome boyfriend Keegan made, and went to a Bon Iver concert in an old glass factory. All in a weekend’s work, right?

Look how cute my brother and nephew are!

Okay, this isn’t a thing I did, but COME ON! How freaking cute are these guys?! I get cute aggression just looking at them! I can’t believe this nugget is going to be ONE next month. Who gave him permission?!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I definitely did other great, fun stuff but I’m content with this list and going to bed now. Despite all the rough stuff of the last few weeks, I’m more confident than ever that I have a great group of people in my life. It can be hard to keep up with friends and stay social when I’m going through shit, but it is so worth to me to cultivate and grow the relationships I have with all the awesome people in my life. Take care of yourselves, friends!

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