Snapshots from Dublin

If you follow me on the gram, you probably noticed that I spent the better part of last week with a beer in my hand. I was visiting Dublin with my best friend, Megan, to celebrate her Masters graduation and we honestly had the best time. If you’re newer to my journey, Dublin is a really special place to me. I lived there for a year after undergrad and did my Masters degree at Trinity. Dublin feels like another home to me, so it was really nice to return for the first time in over 2 years.

Megan and I did pretty much all the things one does in Dublin: walk around, site see, and drink. But mostly drink. We also got to catch up with some of my friends who still live in Dublin, which was so great. I’m really lucky to have friends who live around the world, but it can be really hard to maintain those friendships without seeing them on a regular basis. Luckily, my friends and I can always pick up where we left off and I’m really grateful for that.

As much as this trip was about celebrate Megan and her amazing accomplishments (I keep telling her she’ll be the mayor of Chicago some day lol) a lot of this trip for me was also dedicated to reclaiming Dublin and reframing my relationship with the city. When I originally moved here, I was dating someone who played a huge role in my life in Dublin. This trip was the first time I’d be to Dublin without them and I was worried I would feel like the city wasn’t really my own. But I was actually so surprised at how much I owned my own experience there, if that makes sense. Of course there were places that reminded me of our relationship, but I think I underplayed how much of my life in Dublin was really my own. I did my Masters, worked 2 jobs, made my own friends, discovered new places, and made my own routines all by myself. Of course he had a huge impact on my life there (he was the reason I was there in the first place!), but I was really glad to feel like I had my own experience in Dublin outside of that relationship, too.

I’m so glad that we went and I feel really lucky that I can show my best friend around a city that I love. If you’re heading to Dublin any time soon, a few places I recommend to anyone:

  • Doyle’s Pub on College St
  • Roberta’s Restaurant and Bar (My friend Aoife took us here for the first time and it was sooo nice for fancy cocktails.)
  • The Shakespeare Pub & Kimchi Hop House on Parnell
  • The Long Library at Trinity
  • St. Stephens Green
  • Bewley’s on Grafton (We didn’t make it this time, but I hear it’s gorgeous after the renovations.)
  • Grafton Street & South William Street for shopping and restaurants

I also have a couple of guides on the blog that I put together when I was living there that go into way more detail: my Official Toast Guide to Dublin and my budget guide to Dublin. And of course always feel free to send me a message if you’re going and want recommendations. I could talk about Dublin forever.

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