Two Fun Events From This Week

I’m not gonna lie. It’s Thursday and I’m sooo ready for this week to be over. It has been a long week of events and networking, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s doing events like I did this week that keep me motivated and make me feel really proud of myself and the community I’m building.

What events you ask? On Tuesday I spoke on my first ever professional panel for the Madison chapter of The Rising Tide Society. They do monthly Tuesday’s Together events which aim to help enrich creative small businesses and this month the topic was social media. The other panelists, Kyla and Laura, and I spoke about the Instagram algorithm, paid vs organic advertising, engagement strategies, and a lot more.

I was a little nervous at first, but once we started talking it just felt like we were all having a conversation. People from the audience added awesome information, the other panelists and I had some interesting debates about engagement pods and what is really considered ‘real’ engagement, and the whole thing just had me buzzing. I’m really proud of myself for putting myself out there, trusting my expertise, and pushing myself to get back into public speaking (I was a theater major in college but haven’t done a lot in front of an audience since).

It was such a cool night for me and I left feeling like a real industry professional, which was pretty damn cool. I also met a bunch of really interesting local business owners and even won a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Generations Flowers! Can’t beat that.

Also, networking tip – make personal business cards. I made them for a conference last summer and have literally gotten so much use out of them. I’ve changed jobs a few times since then and I prefer to send people to my personal email and social media accounts anyway, so I love having them. Plus, they’re pink and make me happy lol. I know some people think business cards are dead but I highly disagree. I created and printed mine through Canva and it was super easy.

Last night’s event was less career-oriented and more just for fun. I co-hosted a shopping night at Kendra Scott at Hilldale Mall with my friends Katrina and Sarah! I used to work at the store and have loved the KS pieces ever since (wow do I miss that employee discount), so it was really fun to be back with the team in a blogging capacity.

They were doing a gift-with-purchase event and giving away some super cute KS bandanas in honor of their vintage-y, Texan vibed Fall collection. We had champagne, an amazing hair stylist, Robyn, and just hung out chatted all night. I was so pleasantly surprised by the turnout! I had a lot of my own friends come, got to catch up with some of my fave other bloggers, and met some new people that I loved connecting with.

The whole night was super relaxed and fun and I am so seriously grateful to have these kinds of opportunities. To work with one of my favorite brands like Kendra Scott is something I never thought possible when I started my blog and it was really cool to see everything come to life last night.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to either event! It has been a whirlwind of a week and I’m exhausted, but I feel amazing after having caught up with so many awesome people. I know that going to these kinds of events can be draining, so I really appreciate everyone choosing to spend their evening with me! As for me, I’m going to spend the weekend recharging my introvert self and not talking to anyone lol. But I know I’m just going to do it all over again soon enough!

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