12 Basket Bags for Fall and Winter

Over the last year I’ve unintentionally become obsessed with basket bags. They were super trendy in the summer of 2018 and I thought they were so fun, so I caved and bought my first one vintage on a trip to Philadelphia. Ever since then, though, I’ve started to collect basket bags even though I’m pretty sure that trend is officially over lol. I love their whimsical vibe and the ability to add texture to an outfit in unexpected ways.

I knew when I went to Vietnam in the fall that I would be coming home with a basket bag because we passed these huge shops full of whicker and woven purses. It was hard to decide on one since they were all so cute, but I wanted to get one that was really different from anything else I had. My friend Anna ultimately helped me decide on the pumpkin: a round whicker bag in a bright orange color. I thought it would be so fun for fall and had an autumn vibe that my other bags were missing. I’ve already gotten so much wear out of it and it’s such a fun conversation starter!

I haven’t been able to find a copy cat of my bag online, but I did go down a rabbit hole of basket bags I think would be perfect for fall, winter, and beyond (I can’t even let myself think about spring yet lol). I love the darker colors and leather details and the close-knit whicker makes these purses better suited for cold weather, while still bringing an element of sunshine.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  1. Corby Tote by Sole Society ($59.95)
  2. Millie Basket Bag by Sam Edelman ($148)
  3. Canteen Bag by Nordstrom ($89)
  4. KAYU Onie Wicker Tote from J Crew ($300)
  5. Straw Bag from Etsy ($46)
  6. Nikole Tote by Sole Society (on sale for $41.96)
  7. Vintage Wicker Bag from Etsy ($58)
  8. Crossbody Bag by Terra Sienna (on sale for $40.49)
  9. Hazel Woven Bag by MALI + LILI ($74)
  10. Lu Bag by Wicker Wings (on sale for $176)
  11. Minichari Bag by Olli Ella ($45)
  12. Miller Wicker Bucket Bag by Tory Burch ($353.76)
  1. Grandma says:

    They are all nice, Maddie, good picking!

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