6 New-To-Me Workouts I’ve Tried in Madison This Winter

After being injured for most of the fall, I was so excited to get back into working out this winter. I have my usual favorite workouts here in Madison (Dragonfly’s Power Up and Flyght), but I wanted to mix things up and try some new classes. ClassPass was doing a free month deal in January for Madison folks, so I jumped on there and have been trying new classes like crazy.

I always like hearing people’s opinions of workout classes, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on the studios I’ve tried here in Madison over the past couple of months.

Peter Kraus Fitness – If you’re looking for a personal training experience without the price tag, I really recommend Peter Kraus’ studio in Middleton. I’ve gone to the Recovery and Conditioning class there a few times now and the classes are always small, you get lots of corrections and adjustments from the trainer, and the class is super focused on form, so it’s great if you’re looking to improve on that. I’ve gotten tons of great information from the trainers and even got a running assessment done the other day that was so helpful. Highly recommend for a more one-on-one workout.

Inner Fire Yoga – I’ve only taken one class here, but I can definitely see myself going back here. I took the Power 60 yoga class and it seemed like a pretty traditional yoga flow setup. The instructor was good and the heated room felt super nice – the only turn off was that they leave these really bright lights on the whole time, which felt weird to me, but wouldn’t stop me from going again. It’s one of the only downtown yoga options available through ClassPass, but I liked it enough to regularly go back.

Canvas Club Boxing – I loved this class! I went with my friend April to their Upstart Shadowbox class and had no idea what to expect, but we left feeling amazing. The class was really large and there’s a bunch of simultaneous circuits going on, so it was a little confusing at times and we weren’t always sure what we were doing. But once we got a hang of it, we had the best time, especially doing some basic sparring in the ring. I felt like a total badass and can’t wait to go again. I would say to go with a friend the first time since there’s a lot of partner work, but I want to push myself to go back by myself too. I can totally see myself getting really into boxing now!

KAMPS – This class is intense. I’m love a high-intensity workout and even I was struggling with KAMPS at times. With that said, I also loved it and this is the class I went to the most during my ClassPass trial. It’s a mix of sprinting on a treadmill and doing focused floor work with weights – it felt similar to Orange Theory or Shred415, if you’re familiar with those. I definitely recommend having some running experience under your belt before taking on this class and prepare to have your ass kicked in a great way. I haven’t been in about a month, since I’ve been having trouble running thanks to a knee injury, but I can’t wait to get back into it once I’m healed.

Barre3* – I was first introduced to Barre3 when I got invited to a blogger night they hosted in January and it was not at all what I expected. I’d taken a barre class before and didn’t love it – as someone who loves really cardio-heavy workouts I didn’t get the same release out of it as I like to have working out. But Barre3 isn’t just work at the barre – there’s center work that’s a little more cardio-centric, there’s a little yoga in there, some great stretching, etc. Plus, it’s a really warm and welcoming community if you’re someone who is looking to get back into working out or are just looking for a studio with more of open vibe. I would definitely categorize this class as being lower impact – there were challenging moments, but overall it’s not the high-intensity workout I usually like to do. I can see myself booking Barre3 as a compliment to running or if I’m looking for something a little lighter, though.

Solidcore – I have actually tried Solidcore before, but I’ve included it on this list because it’s been over a year since I first gave it a go and I had a really different experience this time around. So, Solidcore classes are a ridiculous amount of credits on ClassPass (they’re 10 out of the 29 credits I get a month as opposed to like 2-4 like other classes) which is why I never take them. But I’ve been reducing my classes with my knee injury, so I had a bunch of credits to burn at the end of the month and thought I’d give it another try. It was still incredibly hard and there were moments when I was positive I wasn’t doing things right, but I liked it a lot more this time! A tips for folks who don’t like it: listen to the cues about form and ask for help from the instructor if your back hurts. This was my biggest issue with the class the first time, but I paid more attention to my form this time and had a way better experience. I honestly probably won’t go to a lot of these classes because they’re so many credits, but it’s a great challenge when I have the credits for it.

I was super skeptical of whether or not I’d really use a ClassPass subscription when I did the free trail, but I actually found so many studios that I love and find it to be such a good value. I can take anywhere from 7-9 classes a month for $50, which is way less expensive than buying a class pack at a single studio. Plus, I find my body is the happiest and healthiest when I’m doing a variety of workouts so it’s the best of both worlds. I’m not sponsored by ClassPass (but frankly would love to be lol), but if you want to try it out yourself let me know via email or DM and I can send you a code for $30 off! Happy hustle, y’all!

*Full disclosure that Barre3 gifted me the three classes that I took. I really appreciate their generosity in letting me try their studio for free and obviously my opinions are still completely honest and my own.

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