Culturally Consumed: 2.7.2021

Welcome to Culturally Consumed, a weekly round up of everything I’m reading, watching, and wondering about! This week’s consumption includes a new-to-me show from the creator of Downton Abbey, a daily anti-racism newsletter, and a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert…

With the start of Black History Month, I’ve signed up for the 28 Days of Black History newsletter from Anti-Racism Daily. Each email features a piece of art or literature that exemplifies a moment of Black History delivered right to your inbox.

This column made me cry.

PSA: Eat Pray Love is now available on Netflix. I watched it on Friday night (and Saturday morning because I’m 1,000 and fell asleep) and it is just as lovely and ridiculous as I remember. Reminds me I need to buy bigger jeans.

I’m also reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, after hearing Grace and Becca from Bad on Paper rave about it, so it’s been an Elizabeth Gilbert fest over here lately.

Brb crying over gay JoJo Siwa.

A former Bryn Mawr classmate of mine, Tae Keller, won the freaking Newbery Award for her stunning book When You Trap A Tiger! Ordering for my nephew immediately. Anassa kata, Tae!

The confusion around the Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley engagement rumors is hilarious to me.

Am I going to have to start watching Southern Charm now just to figure out who Madison LeCroy is?

I started following Deux Moi on Instagram and they’re making me so nervous for more Armie Hammer news. My personal opinion is that someone has filed a legal case against him since that’s when companies start dropping people (à la Johnny Depp). I hate all of it.

I watched the charming Doctor Thorne on Amazon last night. It’s another adaptation by Julian Fellowes (creator of Downton Abbey) and is very sweet and well done. Alison Brie makes a fantastic cameo. I only wish it was more than four episodes long!

Love Island UK is back for 2021! Thank God!

(Photo from the iconic pizza scene in Eat Pray Love.)

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