Y’all, I have been on a TEAR this month! I went from being in a total reading slump in February to reading 10 books in March, including three fantasy series. Sheesh! I’m not sure if it’s been the crappy spring weather or the lingering seasonal depression, but I’ve fallen hard into escapist reading this month […]

Not gonna lie, you guys, February had me in a bit of a reading slump! I only got through two books this month! I just feel like I’ve lost my reading momentum and need something to get me back in the swing of things. In the meantime, here’s what I read in February and to […]

Welcome to Culturally Consumed, a weekly round up of everything I’m reading, watching, and wondering about! This week’s consumption includes queer romance recommendations, a bisexual Disney prince, and a forehead diamond… Everyone’s favorite internet boyfriend is back for the final installment of Lara Jean’s love story, To All the Boys: Always and Forever. I haven’t watched […]

Happy Valentine’s Day week! As a single person who has spent the better part of the last year alone in my apartment, I have read my fair share of romance novels. Got to keep the spark alive, right? In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some sweet, steamy, and romantic recommendations to read this weekend. […]

Welcome to Culturally Consumed, a weekly round up of everything I’m reading, watching, and wondering about! This week’s consumption includes a new-to-me show from the creator of Downton Abbey, a daily anti-racism newsletter, and a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert… With the start of Black History Month, I’ve signed up for the 28 Days of Black […]

January may have felt like the longest month on Earth, but at least it gave me time to get through some books! I read six books last month with my ultimate goal to read 52 books in 2021, so I’d say I’m off to a pretty good start. I’m also pretty proud of myself for […]

Recently, I branched out from my usual reality tv and rom coms genres to try out some fantasy – Netflix’s The Witcher to be specific. Now let me start out by saying that I am not a fantasy buff by any stretch of the imagination. I have a pretty strict rule of not reading any […]

This season’s Bachelorette, Hannah B., has surprised us in a lot of ways: she’s gotten way better at toasts, she’s stopped saying Roll Tide every 12 seconds, and she’s actually revealed herself to be more of a feminist than I think any of us originally thought. But the surprise my friends and I can’t stop […]

After a little reading hiatus, I was talking to my mom about what I should get from the library and she mentioned she’d just read Women & Power by classics scholar Mary Beard. Mary Beard apparently has a cult following in the world of history for her feminist takes on topics like politics and the […]

This book first piqued my interest over the summer. A Simple Favor had recently been made into a movie and the trailer played during every commercial break of Bachelor In Paradise. In some ways, it looked like a standard sexy thriller, but there was something different about it. It was about women being at home […]