Heading to Dublin and looking for some recommendations? Here’s a list of my favorite places in the city! I lived in Dublin while doing my masters at Trinity back in 2016 and have been back a bunch of times since, most recently in May of 2022, so this list should be pretty up to date. […]

After our trip to Vietnam, I got the chance to spend a few days in Singapore, where my friend Anna now lives full-time. I was only there for a few days, but I tried to pack in as much exploring and eating as possible. Here’s what I got up to when I was in town: […]

Last week I got home from a whirlwind trip to South East Asia with my friend, Anna. We spent 8 days in Vietnam and then headed to Singapore, where Anna lives, for another 4 days. The whole trip was incredible and was totally the change in perspective I’ve needed after a long bought of anxiety […]

I can’t believe that summer is almost half over already! It honestly feels like it just started getting hot (probably because it was still 55 in June tbf). BUT just because August is on the horizon doesn’t mean there aren’t still a million fun things to do in Madison. That’s actually what I love so […]

As much as this trip was about celebrate Megan and her amazing accomplishments (I keep telling her she’ll be the mayor of Chicago some day lol) a lot of this trip for me was also dedicated to reclaiming Dublin and reframing my relationship with the city. When I originally moved here, I was dating someone […]